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DIY Public Relations
We often train our SME clients on how to create their own press releases - the most inexpensive and efficient way to promote your company and products!

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Try our FREE Promotion and Marketing Campaign Scheme to explore new markets for your products and services!

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Direct Marketing

Only direct marketing delivers a consistent and accurately targeted message to all your clients at exactly the same time. It can be your most effective marketing tool.

To run a successful direct marketing campaign takes a combination of IT skills and marketing knowledge combined into a single, effective package. Di & Cooke will help you to create a strategy that fits your overall marketing plan, co-ordinate each part, and then deploy the time, skill and personnel to carry it through.

EDM design & e-mail broadcasting

If executed successfully, email marketing is one of the best mediums available for all businesses that communicates efficiently and economically with existing or prospective customers about the organisations' products and services. The benefits of EDM include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Highly targeted
  • Highly responsive
  • Widely recognised
  • Speedy
  • Records accountable

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Our EDM service rates are as follows:

Broadcasting for 5,000 emails                        HK$1,000
Broadcasting for 20,000 emails HK$1,500
Broadcasting for 50,000 emails HK$2,500
Broadcasting for 100,000 emails HK$3,800
EDM Design & Copywriting HK$1,000

Direct mail design & delivery

Print, video, broadcast and multimedia production

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