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We often train our SME clients on how to create their own press releases - the most inexpensive and efficient way to promote your company and products!

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Copywriting Services

In today’s competitive global economy it is increasingly important that all businesses maximise the value of their brand exposure. The best source of achieving this goal is through effective public relations which most organisations feel is cost prohibitive.  In reality, any company can afford to compete at the same level as their biggest competitor by using effective highly optimised press releases.  Many organisations are discovering that it is considerably less expensive than they anticipated.

Di & Cooke provides businesses of all sizes with the service and planning needed to deliver optimised press releases to maximise public relations through the media or direct to consumers. We offer a selection of services designed to provide businesses with the highest return on investment.

Press releases writing & editing

Placement opportunities maximization & guaranteed results

Coordinating storyline across materials

Press broadcasting

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